Step #3 - List Building

Before Building an email list, you need 2 things...

1. Domain name
2. Hosting account

You can get both via:

The only reason you need this is for emailing purposes...

With that said, when you will be shopping for your domain, buy one that reflects something that is recurring...

Example:  Let's say you buy

... then you should create a 'domain-based' email address that looks like:

- [email protected]

...or you can even use your name: If your name is Mike Greene for example...

- [email protected]

... As long as your email address has your domain name in it, that's what matters the most...


When you have created your 'domain-based' email address, move-on to the next step below...

How To Set-Up Your Email List Under 15 Minutes, By Uploading Your Email Swipes At The Push Of A Button

Remember: You have 4 different affiliate links that target your audience with 4 different approaches...

So to get the best results, we recommend you look at the headlines of your swipes and assign the right affiliate link to each of them...

P.S. When signing-up to Aweber, they will ask you for your email address... Use your 'Domain-based' email address to sign-up...

P.P.S. And if you already have an Aweber account, it's fine, keep using yours...

If you are using another company than Aweber, and want to upload the email swipes manually, simply grab them in your promotional pack in STEP #1

Your Aweber Code:


Now Let's Create Your Lead Capturing Page In Less Than 5 Minutes

Use Any Of The 3 Lead Capturing Page Copy Below To Create Your Lead Capturing Page

Headline: Discover For Free How I Make More Than $500+, Per Day, Passively!

Call-To-Action: Get FREE Access Now!

Headline: Discover For Free How To Start A $500/Day Recurring Business Today!

Call-To-Action: Get Instant Access, It's 100% Free!

Headline: Discover For Free The Recession-Proof System That Makes Me $500+/Day Online!

Call-To-Action: Claim Your Free Training Now!

How To Make More Money From Your Email List

P.S. Only do this when you have 1,000 subscribers or more on your email list!

Please note: Aweber tolerates 1 SPAM complaint per 1,000 subscribers.

So before sending out 'Broadcast' emails as shown below, make sure you reached your goal 1,000 subscribers on your email list, at the bare minimum...


As you can see, it's really easy to set-up an email list because everything is done for you... making it 'copy/paste' for you!

If you can spear 15 minutes to paste my Aweber code, add your affiliate link and picture in your swipes, only 1 time in your entire life... you'll get better long-term results, that goes without saying...

Sure, it's optional to set-up an email list, but as you can clearly see, in the long run... this can make you a lot more money!

It's my opinion but... leads are hard to come by as it is, so you might as well maximize their 'profit-pulling potential', right?

Very Important

Remember that our program is 'referral-based'. So if you want to get paid commissions through our system, you must remain a paid member.

If at one point you decide to cancel your membership, all future commissions will go to the owners of 'Perpetual Profitz', as you will no longer be an affiliate.

 End Of Training 

Now... at this point, you can either:

A) Set-up your list  as shown above, then send traffic to your lead capturing page...

B) If you don't want to create an email list, you can send traffic right away to one of the 4 'Perpetual Profitz' affiliate links...

C) ...Or keep going though the steps and go to STEP #4, to see how you could be making an EXTRA $20,000+ per month!

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