Step #1 - Affiliate Request & Promo Material

Get Your Affiliate Link Here

Concerning your picture: I need you to send me a picture that allows me to CUT A CIRCLE AROUND YOUR HEAD. So make sure there is enough space all around your head for me to be able to do so...

I Went The Extra Mile For You... Check This Out... This Will Put More Money In Your Pocket!

Please note: We recommend that you go add your 3 other affiliate links in your Notepad (Or Worddoc) as well...

It will be useful later during the training...

So in total, you can use any of the 4 affiliate links below to refer people to our system:

1. Default

2. LCP 2

3. LCP 3

4. LCP 4

* Please ignore all other links as they are not made for you.

Get Your Promotional: Banners, Social Media Posts & Swipes

After you've done what is suggested above, move-on to step #2

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