What Actually Puts Money In People's Pocket! 

The most valuable thing I learned over the years: 'Recurring' payments is what pays the most online!

Simply put, you need less clients because they pay each month (As opposed to 1-off sales)

Let’s not forget that you need something that is TOTALLY SCALABLE!

As you are about to discover, it's not rocket science to profit online when you know what you are doing!

But before we get into all that, I really think it's a good idea that I explain what your role as a marketer should be.

Many people don't really understand this stuff when they are beginners and this is why they end-up failing.

So let's start from the beginning...

 Getting Customer Loyalty 

Online marketing is quite easy to understand when someone takes the time to explain it to you:

- First, you need to get the client’s ATTENTION

- Then you need to get their TRUST, or that they at least LIKE YOU

- Then you need to provide them with REAL VALUE FOR FREE

- To then sign them up to your OPPORTUNITY, at an AFFORDABLE price

Nowadays, this can all be done on auto-pilot and that’s pretty cool!

But at the end of the day, you still need to promote something that your clients will benefit from, cherish and most importantly… BELIEVE in!

=> The more VALUE you provide to your clients and audience before they even have to buy anything, the more you will get their trust and loyalty, which leads to SALES & CUSTOMER RETENTION!

=> The best thing anyone can benefit from is ‘TRUE KNOWLEDGE’… not ‘hype’ or ‘short-lasting trends’…

So let me spill some REAL KNOWLEDGE on you right now:

 Content Creators Need Affiliates Like You To Promote Their Offers 

Let me start by telling you that your role as a marketer is to send traffic to an offer…

If you aren’t doing that:

- You will never make sales because no one will see your affiliate link(s)...

- The only reason content creators need affiliates is because of the free traffic they generate from you. It only costs them money when you make sales, when they pay you commissions...

In other words, for you the marketer, your business expense will be 'traffic costs'... And for the content creator, their expense is paying you commissions...

It's the perfect relationship, but for it to work, YOU NEED PEOPLE TO SEE YOUR PROMOTIONAL OFFER!

 So What Type Of Traffic (Leads) Should You Be Sending To ‘Make Money Online’ Offers? 

Normally you should be sending either traffic you buy or traffic you generate for free.

There are many traffic sources out-there you could be using, just to name a few:

- Bing traffic (Affordable)

- Solo Ads (My favorite: It’s low-cost and gets you sales)

- Social media traffic (Free and paid)

Now, there are other traffic sources you could be using, but those are the most effective ones…

Later during your training, when you sign-up to our coaching program, we will go more in depth about the right traffic source to profit from recurring offers…

 Understanding Basic Mathematics Will Put Money In Your Pocket! 

Most beginners don't understand the math behind a powerful recurring offer...

I remember before the internet became popular, I was in a MLM called Melaleuca.

And what made my success back in those days, was my knowledge of mathematics!

The first client I signed-up was named Jake.

Jake was a blue-collar worker and was looking to make a side income for his retirement.

He didn’t know what to do…

So he did like everyone else back in the day and looked at classified ads in the news-paper for work…

That’s when he stumbled upon my Melaleuca opportunity.

So Jake got in contact with me.

He came over to my house and I showed him the Melaleuca catalogue and all the products I had on hand.

After testing some of the products, he wasn’t sure at all he wanted to join because let’s face it, the products were crap!

And while I was trying to convince him to join, I could see that my selling tactic wasn’t working.

So I tried another approach: Rather than talking about the products, I started talking about how much money he could be making by becoming a reseller just like me...

Then I took a pen and paper and asked Jake how much extra money he needed per month to make his dreams come true.

Jake told me that if he could make a net profit of $5,000 per month, passively from it, then he could work from home full time and even place some of these profits in his retirement fund at the same time.

So I took my pen and showed him how many clients he needed to realize his monthly target of $5,000 per month.

To his surprise, he only needed 25-50 clients to quit his job.

And when you own a business, 25-50 clients is not many, right?

So that’s when the dots connected for Jake.

=> He finally understood that the products were just a 'means to an end'!

=> He understood that the TRUE VALUE was in PASSING-ALONG the PROFIT POTENTIAL KNOWLEDGE as shown below!

But most people don’t understand that, until someone explains it to you like I just did now…

=> Imagine if you get 5 people giving you $97/per month = $485/Month + Commissions on high paying '1-time offers'

=> Imagine if you get 10 people giving you $97/per month = $970/Month + Commissions on high paying '1-time offers'

=> Imagine if you get 25 people giving you $97/per month = $2,425/Month + Commissions on high paying '1-time offers'

=> Imagine if you get 50 people giving you $97/per month = $4,850/Month + Commissions on high paying '1-time offers'

=> Imagine if you get 100 people giving you $97/per month = $9,700/Month + Commissions on high paying '1-time offers'

It isn't hard at all to make an extra $5K per month when you have a money-machine like that, right?

If you do quick math, with only 25 members ($2,450/Month recurring + 1-time offers commissions), you could be making more than $5,000 per month...

And whether you make $1,000 or $20,000 per month... it's PASSIVE income, that repeats and grows month after month, without you having to put much effort into it!

... Plus, keep in mind that these people will pay for more than 1 month... It's recurring...

Think about it, if you get 2 clients per week x 52 weeks = 104 clients per year...

At the end of 1 year, with only 2 new clients per week, you could be making $10,000/month in recurring (+ 1-time offers commissions)... which could bring you close to $15K or $20K per month...

Is it hard to get 2 clients per week? Not really, if you send traffic to your affiliate link(s) that is...

The rest is on autopilot after-all...

So the moral of the story: If you understand the math behind recurring profits, you are already ahead of most people who are trying to start on online business! The focus should not be on products but on how many people you can get to understand the same math as you, to reach your personal financial goals!

 How To Spot A Good Offer That Can Actually Put Money In Your Pocket! 

Other than accessing a POWERFUL RECURRING SYSTEM that provides you with REAL VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE, you also need to consider a few other things such as having access to high quality promotional tools:

1. => Banners for websites/blogs

2. => Social media posts

3. => Promotional swipes

4. => The possibility to build and email list if you want to, which is highly recommended if you ask me. I prefer to have the power of emailing people over and over, rather than a 1-off click

5. => The possibility to send free and/or paid traffic to your affiliate link(s)

6. The possibility to make a substantial amount of money with recurring profits, but also from 1-time offers, to put even more money in your pocket

7. => The possibility to re-brand the offer under your name so that people think you are a owner/partner of the company. This is very important because: ‘People buy people, then they join the opportunity.’ So when people think you are the website owner, they have a tendency to trust you more, and that get you more sales by default

8. => Great customer support

*** If you stumble on an offer and it doesn’t provide all of the above, you need to skip it, even if it looks like the next 'sliced bread' invention!

Now let me show you the business opportunity, that makes me $657.53 EVERY DAY, in recurring profits!

=> As you are about to see, this Biz Op checks all the boxes as: A Great recurring offer to promote and profit from!

  Now, let's go look at the Biz Op that makes me $20K+ Per Month, in Recurring Profits... 

Please Move-On To Step #3

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