How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Shady Marketers! 

Now, for most people who, like you, are seeking a Biz Op to learn and profit from, there are some VALUABLE things you need to know before you even think about spending your first dollar online for training and stuff...

This is why I listed below the 6 most common scams you can stumble upon as a new marketer!

Knowing how to avoid scams will not only leave more money in your pocket, but it will also prevent you from going down a rabbit hole!

So let's begin:

A) 'Sales Pages' Scams

1. Shady marketers do not mention what clients are buying on their sales pages:

We call this: 'Blind' Sales Copy

Blind selling refers to sale of goods without giving the buyer an opportunity to examine them.

In the case of online marketing, it’s about ‘not telling the customer what they are buying’…

If shady marketers are not telling you what you are buying on their sales page, IT'S BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, because that would REDUCE THEIR SALES AND CONVERSIONS!

Reasons are simple:

• If the content creator tells you something you already know, you won’t buy

• If it’s something you can find for free in Google, you won’t buy

• If the content creator says too much on his/her sales page, you might not be interested in the topic they are trying to sell you on… and you won’t buy!

So to get you to buy…

• They use your primal brain against you by making you visualize the future, promising you over-night riches, getting unlimited traffic or accessing their new push-button systems...

It now becomes obvious when you know their ‘WHY’, would you agree?

• If the sales pages you are reading do not tell you EXACTLY what you are about to buy, you should skip it...

2. Earning snap-shots scam:

As you can see with the example above, you don’t see the offers names that got them commissions on this snap-shot…

It’s easy for shady marketers to take past sales, even if they are not related to the offer they want to sell you, make snap shots and make it look like the revenues were generated through their current offer…

This is one of the most common scams that gets people to buy their crap!

But don’t be fooled by earning snap-shots…

To be honest, snap shots should not matter to you…

Even if it was true they made all the profits they claim, you clearly don’t have their traffic network, the same amount of clients as they do, so for sure you will never get anywhere near what they are claiming!

B) 'One Time Offer' Scams

OTO Scam #1: Sales copy that are disguised as products:

You’ve probably seen this once or twice during your marketing journey…

• You read a ‘1 time offer’ sales letter

• You buy

• The product is another sales letter

• You buy that one too

• The product is another sales letter

• You buy that one too

• Then you realize you just purchased access to 3 '1-time offers' that are basically just sales letters

This is one of the shadiest tactics anyone can come across if you ask me!

You think you are buying a training/coaching/method/push-button tool, to realize that you are being jerked around from 1 sales letter to the other…

If you ever come across these types of offers, stop buying!

OTO Scam #2: Deceptive offers:

The other ‘1 time offer’ scam you will often encounter is fancy sales copy that sells you the same old stuff as usual, but disguised as the next big thing… to realize you simply purchased a reseller license or a PLR license or master resell rights license, at crazy prices!

When you come across these shady offers, stop buying!

C) ‘Free Traffic’ & ‘Push-Button’ Software Scam

Ah! My favorite one of all, lol!

Let me start by saying that there is not a single ‘free traffic’ software that gets you thousands of free daily leads…

And there are no ‘push-button’ software that will get you thousands of dollars on auto-pilot!

Those who believe in that must still believe in Santa Claus!

It’s just common sense… I mean, if these shady marketers sell thousands of software to their clients, ‘market saturation’ will come fast…

Besides, if their ‘Free traffic’/’push-button’ software or method was so efficient, why are they selling it to thousands of people instead of keeping it for themselves?

After all, ‘knowledge is power’, right?

If their knowledge allows them to make $100K or more per month, steady, from their crap, why would they be launching product after product, month after month?

Why would they be working so hard to create new products if all they have to do is use their killer software? – LOL!

So the scam is that they are creating these products knowing damn well you will never get the results they claim!

D) 'Buyer Traffic' Scam

... But It’s Not ‘Buyer’ Traffic’ at all:

Experienced marketers all know that the most sought-out thing by marketers is getting LEADS!

… And mostly, LEADS that BUY!

Knowing that, what most marketers do is create products, training or systems that are centered on ‘getting leads’… which is fine… that’s what people are looking for… Nothing wrong here…

But where it gets ugly:

- It’s when shady marketers get a traffic software developed in order to promote… promising ‘Unlimited FREE BUYER traffic’ by just pushing a button…

Well… I would really like to know what the hell makes them BUYERS!!!

Nothing, absolutely nothing!!!

As far as I know, these so-called ‘BUYERS’ did not buy anything from you at that point, to be called: ‘BUYER’ Traffic… They sure as hell didn’t buy from these shady marketers either…

It’s not BUYER traffic, it’s just TRAFFIC, lol! … And shitty traffic on top of that!

They know it, but these shady methods target people’s vanity, laziness and desire to become an ‘over-night millionaire’, without having to work…You see how this makes no sense?

When did it ever happen in life that money flows without having to work for it?

These shady marketers are making Kool-Aid, and consumers are drinking it, blindly!

E) ‘Free Bonuses’ Scams

‘Free Bonus’ Scam #1: PLR Products:

When it comes to free bonuses, it’s pretty much what most marketers do, not just the shady ones…

=> But if you ask me, it’s not a good thing to do: Marketers use PLR products as bonuses…

=> And let’s face it, 99% of PLR products are really shitty!

Now don’t get me wrong, many marketers create their own bonuses…

I’m a living example, I create my own bonuses…

But I will be honest with you…

The main goal of using bonuses is to:

=> Provide more value to the offer

=> Get the consumer to have the impression that they are getting a really good deal

=> For shady marketers… get the consumer confused and take their mind off the main product they purchased because they know in advance their crap doesn’t work

=> Adding bonuses on sales pages allows marketers increase the ‘fake value’ of their offer

Me personally, I don’t take bonuses into consideration when I look at an offer that I want to buy because I know that most of the time, the bonuses are not worth anything!

‘Free Bonus’ Scam #2: Trading ‘Buyer’ Traffic:

• Many marketers use bonuses to trade traffic among each other!

That’s right!

But it’s not really a scam… It’s more of a traffic trading method for marketers to share leads among each other…

But I thought it would be good that you know, considering it has nothing to do with the client's benefit…

So here’s how they do it:

• This allows product creator ‘D’ to send free BUYER traffic to their partners

• Next time, if product creator ‘A’ launches a product, product creators ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ will do the same, and so on…

• It allows them to keep their secret network alive… and stay at the top, by sharing these BUYER leads among themselves!

As you can see, ‘free bonuses’ are not made for the benefit of consumers at all!

They are used for the benefit of marketers!

F) Customer Support Scam:

Here’s one that you should not ignore…

Now, there’s something you need to really understand:

When shady marketers have a lot of customers, they favor ‘sales volume’.

By this I mean, the more they make sales, the less customer support matters to them.

Think about it…

If they launch a product and get 2,000 sales… what do they care if 10-20 people ask for support?

It’s a tiny amount of people compared to the number of sales they generate...

… Because out of 20 support tickets, maybe 3-4 will actually ask for a refund, and shady marketers know that…

So if you are wondering why you don’t get support from these said ‘Gurus’… now you know…

The problem with that: It is you that ends-up suffering for it!

- You put you trust in these marketers
- You give them money
- You expect for their system or method to work
- And when you need help, they completely ignore you or they give you the ‘run-around’ until you give up

No wonder this is why you end-up quitting a lot of the stuff you buy…

As you can see by now, there are many tricks shady marketers use to get you to buy their useless stuff.

Some tactics are worse than others, but if you add it all up, you can realize for yourself that these marketers should not even be in business!

With that said, until payment processors like Warrior Plus, JV Zoo and ClickBank don’t do anything to stop them, we got to live with it…

And the chances these marketers get stopped by payment processors is slim to none because companies like Warrior Plus, JV Zoo and ClickBank are making most of their money through these shady marketers.

Sadly, this is the world we live in!

The best advice I could ever give you is to:

=> Always do your due-diligence before purchasing products, training or software...

=> Take the time to analyse the sales pages you are attracted to and you will see very quickly whether it's a scam or not...

=> And with all the knowledge you gained on this page, you can now avoid getting screwed by shady marketers!

  Now, let's go look at what actually puts money in people's pockets... 

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